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At Monster we help organisations manage their workforce. We have been supporting employers and job seekers for fifteen years, and have expanded from our roots as a "job board" to a worldwide provider of job seeking, career management, and recruitment solutions. At the heart of our success is innovation: we change the way people think about work, and help them improve their lives and their workforce performance with new technology, tools, and practices.

Our services fall into three main categories:

Find and Compare Candidates Quicker than Ever Before Automate the Recruiting Process to make it more Efficient and Effective Delivers the Right Recruiting and Sourcing Solutions to Fulfill your Company’s Needs
Powered by our multi-patented semantic search technology, Monster talent acquisition solutions help you identify, analyze, and hire the best candidate to fill your vacancies, ensuring the right decision is made to avoid costly staff turnover. Our workflow automation solutions dramatically improve communication, execution, and management of your hiring process for both human resources staff and new employees. Monster Talent Management is a suite of pre-hire and post-hire talent management tools and services that reduce integration costs, avoid data dead-ends, and provide end users with one unified experience. With proven functionality for all stages of the HR lifecycle, Monster Talent Management is your single, unified solution for attracting, growing, and retaining the very best talent. Monster Talent Consulting provides comprehensive recruiting and sourcing solutions delivering top talent to fulfil your company's business and talent demands. Whether your goal is to quickly expand your workforce, hire business critical talent or build a proactive sourcing strategy, Talent Consulting has the answer.

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