NHS White Paper

By Mervyn Dinnen
Following on from Monster's NHS Recruitment Survey Mervyn Dinnen has written a White Paper with his observations on the feedback provided.

Monster received 2,951 responses from NHS staff keen to convey their  views on the issues facing NHS recruitment together with suggestions for how it might be improved.

Review & Recommendations for NHS Recruitment

For any organisation that needs to hire large numbers of skilled staff at various levels, it is the recruitment process that so often defines the success or otherwise of their strategy. This should cover forward planning, the way that roles are defined and advertised, how prospective candidates are assessed and interviewed, and crucially the offer and acceptance process.

For the NHS, application volumes are likely to be high, which may result in longer timescales, so it is important that other parts of the process are streamlined and deliver results effectively. However, this doesn't appear to be the case. 

Our survey found 78% describing their organisations' approach to recruitment as reactive, advertising roles as and when they need them, and with little sign of forward planning. The recruiters felt this slightly more strongly than HR teams and senior managers. Less than 5% described their process as being either proactive or strategic. This clearly causes much frustration. Respondents spoke of a lack of forward thinking and workforce planning. A failure to recruit more junior staff over a number of years has led to a lack of experienced staff now coming through to fill the open roles at middle or managerial level. 

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For your copy of the White Paper click here

For your copy of the survey click here.

Mervyn Dinnen is an award winning blogger and a content & social engagement strategist. He specialises in the Recruitment and HR sectors and is a regular speaker and panelist at industry conferences. By Mervyn Dinnen | September 8, 2015


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