Recruitment Challenges Facing Charities

In conjunction with Third Sector Insight
Monster, in partnership with Third Sector Insights,commissioned a survey to obtain a better understanding of the recruitment challenges facing charities and the impact these have on attracting and retaining talent. This white paper encapsulates the results of this survey.


The building of talent pipelines is a key objective for 80% of HR functions.

These are testing times for staffing in the Third Sector. Hiring needs are increasing, with half of the larger charities (those with excess of 250 people) having 10 or more open vacancies every month. The cost and time per hire is also increasing and only around half of respondents (51% for cost, 55% time) were confident that they could effectively address these. The building of talent pipelines is a key objective for 80% of HR functions, although only 52% believe they currently have the tools to effectively recruit and manage talent.

Looking ahead, participants see the shortage of skills, and increasing competition for the best candidates, as major threats to their success, with almost half (48%) also identifying the increasing complexity of recruiting across different sectors.

From our research we have identified four areas in which charities are currently having difficulties with their attempts to attract and retain the best talent, along with some of the themes that need to be addressed and developed.

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