Worrying Decline in Employment

By Duncan Melville, Chief Economist at Inclusion
"Employment for March to May 2015 was down by 67,000 compared to the previous three months. This followed a substantial slowdown in the rate of employment growth last month, and is the first fall in employment for two years. Unemployment rose by 15,000 in the quarter, the first rise in two years, and the claimant count also rose by 7,000 the first time since October 2012. Working age inactivity also rose by 30,000 in the quarter. Although one or two months figures do not necessarily demonstrate a reversal of trend they are deeply worrying. An improving labour market can no longer be taken as a certainty. If the UK is continue to move towards full employment then policy actions that help people move into work, particularly for the two and a quarter million people who have been on out of work benefits for two years or more, are vital."

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5 Ways to Share Your Employer Brand

By Mervyn Dinnen
Employer branding is playing an increasingly significant role in the talent acquisition process. In a skill-short market, with each new hire crucial, businesses need to differentiate themselves to attract prospective candidates when recruiting. 

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5 Ways to Get Your Candidate Experience Right

By Mervyn Dinnen
The acquisition and development of new skills is a key priority for most organisations. The effective recruitment of new employees and retention of existing talent in a labour market in which unemployment is falling, opportunities are increasing and salaries are starting to rise, provides challenges for all recruiters and HR teams.

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Why we need to hire digital skills

By Mervyn Dinnen
Digital technologies are redefining the way that organisations conduct and transact their business across all sectors. Customer, client, user and employee behaviours shape how we connect and communicate, whilst their expectations dictate the speed and quality required to provide services and solutions.  

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