Talent Management - White Paper

Read our latest white paper on implementing talent management solutions.

Adoption of technology solutions to streamline succession planning and performance management by companies is on the rise as CEO’s continue to recognise the value of having such systems in place.


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Monster Awarded Place On G-Cloud 7 Services Agreement

Press Release: Monster's solutions selected for UK Government's G-Cloud 7 programme

G-Cloud is a procurement vehicle used by the UK Government for the provision of cloud-based information technology solutions and services. The G-Cloud Framework acts as a ‘digital marketplace’, allowing public sector organisations to quickly search a catalogue of approved suppliers, which facilitates the fast and easy purchase of cloud-based technologies.


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5 Ways to Successfully Build Talent Pipelines

By Mervyn Dinnen
Our recent White Papers on recruitment challenges in both the NHS and charity sectors highlighted many of the problems with taking a reactive approach to recruitment. Waiting until a person resigns or leaves before starting the search for a replacement lengthens the time to hire, placing extra burden on remaining team members who may have to cover the work, and leaving the hiring manager at the mercy of a competitive, skill short market. Staff morale and productivity can be affected.


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Recruitment Challenges Facing Charities

In conjunction with Third Sector Insight
Monster, in partnership with Third Sector Insights,commissioned a survey to obtain a better understanding of the recruitment challenges facing charities and the impact these have on attracting and retaining talent. This white paper encapsulates the results of this survey.


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