Recruiting for a different Mindset

By Mervyn Dinnen
Businesses in all sectors are starting to recruit people with a different mindset from those they have hired previously. Workplaces are digital, customer and client expectations are heightened by personalised technology and instant communication, and many of the traditional HR processes now place a higher emphasis on the individual to take ownership of their personal and professional development..


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NHS White Paper

By Mervyn Dinnen
Following on from Monster's NHS Recruitment Survey Mervyn Dinnen has written a White Paper with his observations on the feedback provided.

Monster received 2,951 responses from NHS staff keen to convey their  views on the issues facing NHS recruitment together with suggestions for how it might be improved.

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Recruitment Challenges in the NHS

By Malcolm Stirling
Monster, in conjunction with Dods Research, conducted a survey of 2,951 NHS staff. Respondents were split almost 50:50 between medical and non-medical staff.  The purpose of the survey was to gain some insight in to the issues and challenges the NHS face with their recruitment.  


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Concerning Fall in Employment

By Duncan Melville, Chief Economist at Inclusion
"Employment for April to June was down by 63,000 compared to the previous three months and unemployment rose by 25,000 in the quarter. This is the second consecutive month in which employment has fallen and unemployment has risen. Although these developments are concerning there are signs that suggest that they may be more of blip than a trend. Looking at the changes in just the last month employment rose by 53,000 and unemployment fell very slightly by less than 1,000. In addition, as this month’s Bank of England Inflation Report notes, survey indicators of employment intentions remain strong. Hence perhaps the most likely outturn for the next few months is the return of an improving labour market albeit with employment rising and unemployment falling more slowly than was seen in the two to three years to early 2015."

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